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2 quick tips to keep professional responsibilities from invading your personal space

February 16, 2015

The 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study reveals that employers and employees have significantly different opinions about what consists of a fair work-life balance. Two-thirds of HR managers reckon that their employees get enough personal time, while 45% of polled workers say they don't. Disparate numbers aside, what could employees do to dodge burnout? Here are 2 quick tips:1. Carry two cell phones ? one for your personal use and another for work. Switch off your work phone after the working hours are over. Check it only when you need to (for that urgent project).2. Be upfront with your manager or employer but say it diplomatically. Tell them that it is important for you to be at your best at work and that you need some time to take care of what you need to outside of work and also to recharge yourself so that you have to stay positive and focused while on the job.Read more about the ... View Post

3 pragmatic ways to stay positive and motivated at work

February 27, 2015

Staying true to your passion is a great ideal. Once you look at how things really work in most organizations, you may want get more real. Feeling successful is important to staying motivated and being more pragmatic may contribute to being more successful at work. Here are some ideas: 1) Don?t let the lack of your favorite opportunities stymie your advancement; make the best of available opportunities. Maybe you can lead a project that needs to get pushed forward, get some recognition and ... View Post

How to make a good impression in an instant

March 10, 2015

People start forming an opinion of others within seconds of seeing them for the first time. First impressions are important. Here are some tips to help you make a good impression instantly. You know some of them but we guarantee that you will find something useful in our list. Your grandma was right when she told you to sit up straight. Not only is it healthier but you will come across as a more alert, confident and productive person. When you meet someone for the first time, give them ... View Post

Job search during the holidays? YES.

May 05, 2015

Prioritize your work schedule in advance. Instead of daydreaming about your weekend on Friday afternoon, take a few minutes for a quick review of your most important tasks for Monday. List them according to importance. Or, you may prefer to list them by level of difficulty to get the tough ones out of the way first. Set a goal for the week. While you are working on your to-do list for Monday, go ahead and set a goal for the week. Don?t get too ambitious. After all, you don?t want to get ... View Post

4 job hunting tips while you are still employed

June 05, 2015

Looking for a change while being employed can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, people who are employed are much more desirable candidates to hiring managers than those who aren?t. But on the other hand, a job search ? regardless of however confidential it?s intended to be kept ? can tip one?s current boss or manager off with disastrous results. So how can you safely hunt jobs while working in your current position? Here are 4 tips. Never look for a new job using your company?s ... View Post

3 tips for creating a mobile-friendly resume

July 23, 2015

Job hunting techniques have been evolving rapidly over the past few years. With an increasing number of hiring managers relying on mobile devices to conduct the interview process (yes, they do check your Facebook and LinkedIn on the go), job seekers have few choices but to adapt to the changing recruitment environment to maintain their competitive edge. One of the changes that has happened relatively recently is a sudden increase in the number of job seekers armed with mobile-friendly resumes. ... View Post

How to land a job by convincing recruiters and systems

August 07, 2015

Those looking to contract are just two steps away from getting a job: 1) computers and 2) recruiters. Sounds easy, right? It is. Taking the first step with precision and caution is half the battle won. Yes, creating that perfect system-friendly resume is a must to ensure that it gets through the automated resume screening systems to the right person. Now the question is, how do you build a resume which is capable of meeting all possible sorting parameters set by a computer?There's no absolute ... View Post

5 tips for recent graduates to get a contract job

September 09, 2015

Whether you just graduated college or high school and want to join the workforce, getting that first job can be a challenge. With many companies laying off seasoned professionals in the recent past, the employment prospect for recent graduates with little or no work experience can seem bleak at times. Finding a contract job is often a good way to get a foot in the door. Here are 5 tips that may help graduates start their career. Look for internship opportunities If you didn't intern in ... View Post

5 reasons to get a strong relationship going with recruiters

November 10, 2015

We?ve found a way to put tangential thoughts or further explanations into numbered circles that you can click or tap. This is a new feature, so be patient if a glitch occurs and let us know. Job seekers work hard to land the jobs that best match their skills and salary expectations. Luckily, there's a group of professionals who work equally hard to connect job seekers with employers. Irrespective of whether you?re looking or have already started working somewhere, you would do your career ... View Post