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Perks of being a temporary or contract employee

February 24, 2015

FlexibilityChoose your assignments based on interest, gaining new skills, hours worked, etc. Take time off between assignments for self-enrichment, family or just ?me? time.MobilityIf you have wanderlust, consider taking contract jobs in other cities/states. Experience the sights and sounds of a new locale with every contract.No long-term commitmentIf it turns out the company or the position is not to your long term liking, you complete your contract and then you're off to a new adventure with fresh skills gained from that last position. View Post

Contract jobs predicted to grow by 13% between 2014-19

March 17, 2015

Not sure if you want to commit long-term? Don't worry; contract employment can be your steady source of income for the next few years, according to the latest CareerBuilder survey. America's leading job search engine predicts that contract jobs are on course for a 13% spike between this year and 2019 (Figure 1).Here's another piece of useful information if you're seeking an immediate employment opportunity: 46% of the businesses that participated in the survey said they intend to hire more ... View Post

4 great ways contract employees contribute to the success of your company

April 15, 2015

We are in a time of shifting business models and hiring needs. Here are some ideas on how engaging contingent workers fits well with changing, and sometimes uncertain, times.1. Temporary or contract employees can help you avoid the negative consequences of unwise hiring decisions that can incur prolonged expenses and headaches.Engaging contingent workers is a great example of "try before you buy". You can observe the individual's productivity and match with your corporate culture before hiring ... View Post

The win-win formula in staffing: Help recruiters help you

August 18, 2015

Recruiters can help you get you the job you're looking for. However, the connection between you and recruiters works both ways ? whether a recruiter calls you regarding an opening or you call them pro-actively. On most occasions though, a recruiter will take the initiative to contact you and tell you about an open position that matches your skills and expertise. When they do, make sure to work with them so as to speed up the hiring process and create a win-win. Here are 3 ways to help a ... View Post

3 tips to be more valued as a contract employee

September 25, 2015

With temporary and contract staffing sales increasing by billions year after year, it?s a no-brainer that today?s contingent workforce wants to make the most of the available jobs. However, money and opportunity never come without competition, do they? It is therefore important to really steer clear of mediocrity and show up as a better employee. To that end, we have 3 tips. 1. Adapt to the organizational culture Every company has a distinct culture that manifests in both obvious and implicit ... View Post