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Awesome interview tips from our hiring managers

April 30, 2016

When looking for a job, you may want to pay attention to and act on some of the advices coming from none other than hiring managers! They know a thing or two about job interviews and here's what they're saying.1. Bring a positive vibe Beyond all the key performance indicators and hard skills lies a less tangible attribute of warmth and personal interaction. The manager wants to hire someone who will be able to work with anyone in the company. So remember to smile and greet the people you meet. Humans are wired to make snap judgements; it's therefore important that you put others around you at ease to set the right tone for the interview. Remember, people get hired, not resumes.2. Your good manners count Listen to your interviewer carefully and don't interrupt. This is common sense advice that often goes unheeded by job seekers when they are excited or nervous. Unfortunately ... View Post

How do you answer why you left your previous job?

May 15, 2015

You are sitting in an interview and the meeting is proceeding very well. You are dressed up and feeling on top of your game. You have established rapport. You have asked all of those good interview questions that you prepared. And then the dreaded question: why did you leave XYZ Company? And now you aren't prepared. But you should be.First, analyze why you left each job listed on your resume (if it's on your resume, it's subject to discussion!).Consider the reason; then craft an explanation ... View Post

4 ways to keep calm during an interview

April 24, 2015

Most people feel nervous before or during a job interview but when you get too anxious, it?s time to take a few countermeasures. Use relaxation techniques: The tried and true methods include deep breathing exercises and maintaining good posture. You?ll look and feel more confident. Visualize being successful: Imagine that you already have the offer and you?re just confirming it by attending the interview (just don?t get over confident!). Begin with the end in mind. Stay calm: How you ... View Post

Did she just ask me about a skill I don?t have?

April 02, 2015

You are sitting in the interview. Everything has gone so well? and then, the interviewer just asked you about a skill you don't have. It wasn't on the job description online, it never came up in any prior discussions. Don't get nervous - stay calm in any situation during an interview. You aren't prepared!But yes! You really are prepared! How many times have you had to learn something on the job and on the fly? A new software your employer purchased and you're supposed to be the expert? New ERP ... View Post

Ending your interview on a positive note

March 31, 2015

?All?s well that ends well.?- William Shakespeare The importance of ending an interview on a positive note can never be understated. As a job seeker, you?d ideally want to finish every interview on a pleasant note. Affirm your interest in the job.  Let them know that you want this opportunity. Tell them why you think you?re a fit and refer back to your conversation during the interview. When thanking the interviewer for giving you the opportunity to meet with them, a warm ... View Post

How to make an interview more positive

February 13, 2015

One of the ways to keep your interview on a positive note is to ask questions that are likely to elicit a positive response from the interviewer. Once you do that, you open up a two-way communication channel and your interview will feel like a more pleasant conversation. Some questions to ask the interviewer could be: What do you like best about working here? What are some of your team's greatest accomplishments in the last year? What are you hoping your team will achieve in the next ... View Post

How to bring your ?A? game to the interview

January 22, 2015

Telling an interviewer that you are focused and always get your work done on time packs more punch if you can give examples from your professional life.  Follow up those types of statements with a quick sentence or two that back up your claims. Here are two examples: If you say that you get your work done on time, give an example of what you have accomplished while multi-tasking and working on a tight schedule.If you want to impress on them that you are a ?people person?, tell them how ... View Post