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Emotionally Safe Workplaces—What We Know

July 20, 2021

This article by Chandramouli Dhara, Rangam Director of Digital Marketing, was originally published on LinkedIn. The concept of emotional and psychological safety in the workplace was first identified in 1999 by Amy Edmondson, an organizational behavioral scientist and educator. She found that companies that have a secure and trusted workplace perform better than those that don’t. Later, in an interview, she elaborated on the concept of emotional safety. She explained emotional safety as a sense of comfort, freedom, and security. In an emotionally safe workplace, everyone gets together to create an environment where people feel safe to take risks and admit their mistakes. There's no fear of being wrong or judged. With a sense of emotional safety, people bring their entire selves to work. And that creates a wholly different experience for both employees and ... View Post

Addressing Workforce Attrition Through Value-based Leadership

November 13, 2019

Values play a guiding role in everybody’s lives. Being able to recognize and articulate one’s own set of values helps with sound decision making, accountability, and authenticity. When a leader’s personal values align with their organization’s, a harmonious connection is established. That connection, in turn, creates a number of possibilities for productivity and individual growth, manifested in several ways. A values-based leader not only appreciates individual ... View Post

What makes your workspace comfortable?

December 20, 2016

Money and other perks surely bring people to work, but what does it actually take to have people show up fully charged every day and do a fantastic job? Recently we went around the room at our Somerset office and asked our fabulous employees who voluntarily go above and beyond their ?official? job responsibilities to contribute to the bottom line. Here are some of the intriguing responses we received:?Money tree, heater and family photos?We dare say this is a rational approach to stay inspired ... View Post

Good reasons to support diversity

October 22, 2015

Rangam Consultants Inc. has always been a firm believer in diversity and inclusion. The contractors that we help find jobs are diverse in every way: ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political affiliations and other ideologies. Here are four ways pluralism helps staffing companies like us source and work with the best workforce out there.Diverse backgrounds strengthen a team. Diverse people bring different personalities to work and in doing ... View Post

Besides salary, what do employees wish for in 2015?

April 07, 2015

A recent survey of more than 2,100 CFOs and employees has revealed that more money is not the only incentive employees expect from their employers; the 2015 benefits wish list sheds light on what really drives employees in today?s changing work environment.[table caption="WISH LIST 2015" width="500" colwidth="130|20" colalign="left" border="1" ]More vacation days,30%Better benefits plan such as enhanced health care,26%Flexible schedule including telecommuting,19%Training or professional ... View Post