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Six Key Character Traits Of A Disability Inclusion Leader

February 25, 2020

POST WRITTEN BY Nish Parikh Diverse workforce enabler @Rangam, building holistic workforce solution through disruptive technology, industry expertise and collaboration An inclusive workplace doesn’t happen overnight. Organizations must actively work to make it inclusive for differently-abled people. Leaders, in particular, must create an inclusive work culture that recognizes unique talents, traits and the expertise of people with disabilities. View Post

Empathy-Driven Innovation with Hetal Parikh

November 05, 2019

Hetal Parikh is a dynamic entrepreneur who drives innovation with a culture of empathy. She co-founded Rangam Consultants, a minority, woman-and disability-owned workforce solutions company, with her husband in 1995. She has worked to create a company culture of inclusion and collaboration through innovation in special education, disability hiring, and reemployment of veterans and with mottos of “Employment for Everyone” and “Empathy Drives Innovation.” Hetal’s ... View Post