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SourcePros: Workforce Staffing


SourcePros provides enterprise-wide workforce staffing solutions and technology to attract, qualify and retain talent to match our clients requirements while predicting success on the job. SourcePros leverages 24x5 full-cycle recruitment, including recruiters and account managers that are experienced in the industry, including technical background. The technology supports the life-cycle of recruiting while managing candidate and client information along with reporting and analytics. Our Rangam team of recruiters are able to quickly move through the recruiting process in order to provide top quality candidates to our clients. In addition, we utilize the SourcePros reporting function to build our talent communities and build candidate pipelines for our client’s needs.

SourcePros helps our team stay on task, guiding our workflow through process completion. This is key to our success.

SourcePros Services

SourceAbled: Untapped Talent Connected


SourceAbled connects corporations to the Autism and disability community through a revolutionary combination of technology and collaboration. Designed to attract and hire qualified talent to help our clients provide an inclusive and sustainable work environment. Built leveraging the latest technologies, workforce expertise, and strong ties to the disability community, SourceAbled connects corporations to untapped talent of loyal, creative, and dependable people, no matter the disabilities across the nation and globally.

SourceAbled enables disability support agencies to gain access to a wide range of employment opportunities for their candidates, identify the right jobs, and work closely with hiring managers.

SourceVets: Hiring Our Heroes


Rangam appreciates the leadership, dependability, trustworthiness, loyalty, and team attitude that veterans bring to the civilian workplace. Our specialized program, SourceVets, attracts veteran talent and prepares and supports them for rewarding and sustainable career opportunities. The program supports recruiting diverse talent for a variety of positions, including, but not limited to: Administrative, Business Professional, Clinical, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, IT, Sales, and Scientific.

Our objective is to help veterans recognize, translate, and apply their skillsets to civilian careers where they can make an impact. We work with a growing network of employers to fulfill our objective. In addition, our recruiters act as career consultants to help veterans and their family members build a strong resume, prepare for interviews, and match their skills to several available opportunities.

SourceVets Services